Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome the all new Nokia E63

nokia e63Anyone looking to ditching their E71 should take a serious look at the all new Nokia E63. The folks at TamsS60 have done a great job of unboxing and providing an initial impression of this Nokia E63 handset. For starters, it definitely seems like Nokia did a good job in getting rid of the annoying keyboard on the N71 and replacing it with a better looking (and better feeling?) keyboard. Apparently the keyboards are now made of rubber which definitely feels better to the touch.

The Nokia is also supposed to "address major issues found on the E71". I wonder what they might be? C'mon Nokia, get your act together. And oh I almost forgot, if you still plan to hang on to that leather case that you got for your E71, tough luck! This baby doesn't fit into it and you got to ditch it as well. No indication on launch date or price as of yet. But stay tuned and I will post more details as they become available.
[Via TamsS60]