Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Download Google Maps to your TomTom GPS device

download google maps to your tomtom gps deviceHave you ever wondered how to download Google Maps to your TomTom In-Car GPS device? With GPS devices getting to be so cheap, it is definitely worthwhile to look at how to harness Google Maps in these devices. Google and GPS maker TomTom have partnered to make it easier to upload destination information into your in-car GPS. By following the instructions in this how-to, you can simply click on "send" in Google Maps to upload destination addresses and locations into your TomTom in-car GPS.

This will be an extremely cool feature when you are planning for your next vacation or business trip. Here are the steps you could follow to make use of this feature:

1. You will need a TomTom brand in-car GPS receiver to make use of this feature. Google Maps does not currently support other brands.

2. Install the TomTom Home software from a disk that came with your GO or ONE device. Update your Home software to the latest version ( or later) for free by visiting the TomTom PLUS services page. Apple-compatible Home software is available for download, as well.

3. Connect your GPS receiver to your personal computer with its included USB cable or docking station. Turn on the GPS, and touch "yes" when it asks to connect to the computer.

4. You are ready to search for and upload a destination into your GPS. Open your Web browser and go to Google Maps .

5. Type a destination into the "Search Maps" box in Google Maps. Google Maps has powerful search features, a good reason for using it in concert with your GPS.

6. When you have identified the destination you sought, click on the "send" link (with the envelope icon) in the upper right of the destination map window.

7. A dialog box will apear with the options to send to "e-mail," "car," or "GPS". Choose GPS. This selection will automaically start your TomTom Home software with the selected destination information (and its exact coordinates) in place.

8. The TomTom Home software has now captured your chosen destination, and you have the options of showing on a simulated GPS map, navigating to the destination, or saving the destination to your favorites file. I find saving to favorites to be the most useful of these three options.

9. Now that you've mastered Google Maps-to-GPS, you can quickly update your favorites, and plan trips around pre-selected and pre-uploaded destinations. You'll spend more time on fun or business, and much less time looking for destinations!

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Anonymous said...

Of course this is only destination from Google Maps to TT.....NOT Route from google maps to TT!