Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Raising money for Charity

My dear readers of New Gadgets Guru, I have something important to write about today. Some of you might have noticed that I have included a "Chipin" widget on the left top corner of my page. No, this is not a money making project! I am raising money for charity as I would like to donate the proceeds to a Children's Home in Malaysia.

I have been blogging for some time now and I thought this is a wonderful medium to reach out to people and give back to society as well. So spare a thought for the less privileged and I would urge you to donate a small amount towards this cause.

Many Thanks for being such great readers!

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Someone commented that this sounds like a "Send Money to Nigeria" scheme. Hence I have added this update which was a response to that person:

Thanks for your comments. First of all I am not in Nigeria and I'm not in desperate need for money. I'm living in Malaysia and soon we will be celebrating a festival called "Deepavali" or "Diwali" which is the festival of lights for Hindus.

Cheshire Home in Malaysia (in the city of Penang) is an organization which takes care of under privileged children. I myself am a father of 2 kids and would like to contribute as much as I can for these kids at the Cheshire Home. I am not going to give them this money in cash but instead I will be buying essential items for the home.

I am targeting to collect around $500 which translates to around RM 1700 here in Malaysia. I will be able to buy new sets of clothes for at least 30 children with this money. I will definitely post the pictures once I have bought them the items.

Sadly not many bloggers in Malaysia run these kind of charity drives and it was a thought that occured to me while discussing with my wife. I hope that you and other fellow bloggers will not take this as a "begging for money" scheme. If no one contributes I have decided to make the contribution from my pocket anyway. Thank you for your comments. I hope this will be able to clear any doubts in your mind. If it still doesn't... I'm really not sure how else I could help to clarify.

If you would like to send flowers directly to the home you could go ahead to do that. You could read more about them in the link below. Thank You!

P.S. Not everyone in Nigeria might be begging you for money. After all, it is most unfortunate that some basic necessities are not even available to the people there!


BM said...

you shouldn't deleted that comment, IMO.

Raj said...

Thanks BM, but actually the comment was left in blogcatalog as I initiated the drive as a discussion over there. If the comment was on this blog I would have published it. I will publish any comment on this blog as long as its not offensive.

BM said...

Hmmm okay!
I think that person is traumatized with all these e-mail scams.