Monday, October 20, 2008

Macintosh Laptop: Apple's new 13-inch Macbook

macintosh laptop apple macbook 13 inchWell finally the all new Macintosh Laptop from Apple - The all new MacBook has been launched. It's time that we took a look at this new laptop. Well for starters, Apple has done away with the plastic casing and has redesigned the entire casing in Aluminum. This essentially makes it a smaller version of the MacBook Pro and is a nice design change. The entire body looks more classier than before.

Even the new Nvidia chipset and integrated graphics are impressive, offering playable frame rates in games such as Quake IV and Call of Duty 4 (as long as you keep your expectations modest). One thing to note is that the entry $1,099 price is gone (replaced by a $999 version of the previous plastic MacBook model), and that the FireWire port is gone as well. It has a giant touch pad, attractive edge-to-edge glass on display, improved integrated graphics, backlit keyboard on some models and is thinner than previous version.

Apple's redesigned 13-inch MacBook is essentially a shrunken version of the more expensive 15-inch Pro line. With its new aluminum body, new trackpad, and Nvidia graphics, it's an even more attractive choice for mainstream laptop buyers than was the plastic model it replaces.


Pink Laptop said...

Everything on the new MacBook is cool: the aluminum body, multitouch pad, GeForce 9400M graphics, etc.. The only thing that Apple should add, is more color options instead of just black and white... Just my opinion :-)

Apple Laptops said...

The new macbook is a true thing of beauty.
I own the Macbook with the plasic shell and although being a great little laptop, I'm beginning to notice the flaws that other people have encountered. Cracks in the keyboard fascia and yellow staining beside the trackpad.

Definitely a great choice to make it out of aluminium.

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