Friday, October 3, 2008

iPhone Application: Ouzzat!

Finally my all new iPhone Application "Ouzzat!" has been launched in iTunes App Store. This application is especially useful if you are a cricket fan. It helps you to keep score easily. You can use it to record the number of runs scored in a particular ball, the number of balls and the software keeps track of the total number of overs as well as the runs scored. The response to this application has been very good as I have had more than 40 downloads in past 48 hours. The best part is that its very easy to use and beats the manual scorer anytime!

If you are an ardent cricket fan or if you know of someone who is and owns an iPhone, just forward the Ouzzat link to them. It just costs $0.99 per download and I'm very sure you would not be disappointed. This link can be opened only using the iTunes application.


Navneet Jadhav said...

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BM said...

^wow, you got spammers here huh?! You're getting popular ;)

Anyway, good luck on this app.

Khurram said...

hi there,

Thanks for the Ouzzat! app. I have been looking for a cricket scoring app for some time now.

There are some extra features that I would love to see at some stage though which would make your app really cool for people like me who play cricket semi-professional.

Could do with maybe splitting the scores for batsman, and extras counting too.

It would REALLY great if it could even replace the manual paper scorebooks we normally use that capture everything...but maybe that could take some time to code up :) Heck I would pay much more to get an app that had everything I needed! :)

Thanks once again for the start of this app that I'm sure will improve with time.

Justin said...

Not bad and handy but would be nice if we could track wickets taken aswell. Used it today instead of my old clicker when squareleg umpiring my junior team and it was great to track runs scored whilst out in the middle. Need those wickets taken but, surely an easy addittion.

Would be brilliant if it were a full electronic scorebook and if we could save the scores.

Thanks guys

Anonymous said...

how about adding run rate achieved. Having an option to type all players names into it. Adding the overs before the start of innings. Oh and tracking wickets and how the wickets fell and who bowled and also tracking batsmen stats.