Thursday, October 9, 2008

GPS for the blind

Kudos to designers who create gadgets for the blind. This is definitely one really awesome and useful GPS device for the blind. This is basically a navigation aid for the blind.

"This product would help a blind person navigate city streets without requiring additional human aid. The benefits for the user are increased independence and freedom. The concept is a headset with built-in microphone and audio transducer. The headset would incorporate GPS, speech recognition, and obstacle detection technology."

This brilliant piece of technology enables the user to navigate easily through obstacles via audible tones of increasing frequencies. The user would be able to speak through a built in microphone and specify the address of the location that he wants to go. This is still a concept and is one of the entries in the "Create the Future Design Contest 2008" . The advantages of this system are hands free operation, lightweight, and obstacle detection.