Friday, September 5, 2008

Watch satellite TV on your PC

satellite tv on pcYes we all like to watch satellite TV right? But the thing I hate the most about satellite tv is paying those $50 bills every month. I've always wished for a way to avoid those monthly recurring bills. So I decided to search for an answer on the net and I came across iSoftwareTV. This is basically a software that you install on your PC and you will be able to watch over 3000 channels from around the world right on your PC.

There are quite a large variety of channels available like Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Sports, Radio, News channels - you name it. Rather than being limited by my satellite provider's feed of channels, I'd rather have the luxury of being able to watch any channel I want from anywhere in the world using this software.

What's the investment? Well you don't need any hardware setup or a set top box of any kind. The software is the heart. All you need is your PC (I assume you own one if you're reading this post) and an internet connection (ahem... kind of obvious). So all you need to do is to purchase this software at a very affordable price. I say its affordable because the one time fee is lower than my current monthly payment to my satellite TV provider. If you have a TV out on your PC, you could also view the channels on your TV - kind of like an IPTV set top box. Of course, you won't have a remote control to change channels - but that's not a big deal if you ask me. Keeps me from channel surfing like a zombie.

The product also comes with a money back guarantee if it does not work for some reason. You don't need a rocket scientist to figure out the value of iSoftwareTV I guess. Ok Ok... I'm not going to belabor the point anymore. If you are interested in trying out this software to watch your favorite satellite tv channels on your PC you could visit iSoftwareTV's website right here. Let me know if you liked it!