Thursday, September 25, 2008

T-Mobile G1 Phone Review - iPhone comparison

T mobile G1 HTC Dream phone specificationsThe T-Mobile G1 Phone has been the talk of the mobile phone community since it launched early this week. It is yet another cell phone which is supposed to give the iPhone 3G a run for its money (remember the Samsung Omnia?). Anyway even though the T-Mobile G1 Phone has not been officially launched I will show you some of the specifications of this cell phone alongside the iPhone. This will help you to draw your own conclusion.

Here are some of the specifications that I compared against.

T-Mobile G1 Phone Review against iPhone

It definitely looks like a neck to neck battle but the T-Mobile G1 Phone scores higher than the iPhone 3G in terms of its slide out QWERTY keyboard which is missing in the iPhone 3G. The T-Mobile G1 Phone is definitely a tad bit heavier than the iPhone 3G and misses the 3.5mm jack - which means that you cannot use your favorite noise cancellation headphones with this phone. It comes with a 1GB microSD card which can be expanded up to 8GB (for now). The camera is also better in the T-Mobile G1 Phone although way behind a lot of Samsung or Sony Ericsson phones which are regularly featuring 5 MegaPixels and above. It is also priced $20 cheaper than the iPhone 3G which is understandable as the iPhone has a considerable advantage.

If you want to look at a live demo of the T-Mobile G1 Phone Review, you can watch this video which gives some initial insights.

Have you decided which one you will pick?


BM said...

I would still choose the iPhone, because of it's large storage capacity. Plus it's from Apple, who doesn't want that?

Tame Your Technology said...

The G1 benefits from the replaceable battery and expandable memory though which the Iphone doesn't. Very close to call. Personally from what I have seen they both have quite disaapointing cameras in comparison to the most recent Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones... Why do we always have to compromise ;-)

Raj said...

Actually I tried the G1 phone "emulator" which is available for download along with its SDK. I should say that I was quite disappointed with the look and feel compared to the iPhone. Being a late entrant they should have done better!