Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nissan BR23C: Crash Avoidance System

Crash Avoidance has been the major topic of interest for many car manufacturers. Various algorithms using fuzzy logic and neural networks had initiated this technology. But implementation in real life still seems to be a little complicated. Nissan has taken this one step closer to reality with its all new BR23C robot which draws its inspiration from the BumbleBee.

Do you know how a BumbleBee navigates its ways around objects? Bees have compound eyes and 300 degree vision. As soon as they spot an object in their way, the information is directly transmitted to their wings rather than their brain. So it is more faster to maneuver around the object and avoid a collision. This is pretty much the same concept followed by the Nissan BR23C crash avoidance robot. This Biomimetic Car Robot Drive is able to detect and avoid obstacles within split seconds using the same method employed by the humble Bumble Bees. Well it definitely looks like we could all learn a lot from Mother Nature!