Thursday, September 4, 2008

How to convert your DVD movies to iPod format?

convert dvd to ipodNow you've got that spanking new iPod which can play movies. But you can only download movies from iTunes right? Why not store your DVD movies into your iPod instead? That would be awesome since you can watch any of your collections on your iPod on the go. But how to do that? I'm going to reveal to you a software which allows you to convert any of your movies into iPod format so that you can store it and watch it anytime that you want.

iTunes doesn't have a converter to put DVD video on your video player! It won't let you import many popular video formats either!

So... how can you put DVDs and videos on your video player or iPod?

The answer is you need special conversion software that will take your DVD and convert it into a format that the video player can understand.

But don't worry, it's not difficult. With DVD2VideoPlayer, you'll be shown step-by-step how to put a DVD or video file onto an iPod or other video player device.

By converting the DVDs and video files you have already, you don't need to pay $1.99+ to buy each video from iTunes! Plus, you can convert videos that aren't even on iTunes yet.

DVD2VideoPlayer Shows How To:

* Convert DVDs to your iPod
* Convert WMV files
* Convert AVI files
* Convert DivX files
* Convert TiVo files
* Convert MPEG files
* Convert VOB files
* Convert AVISynth files

You can get this cool software here. Try DVD2VideoPlayer and let me know your experience. I'm sure its worth it!