Monday, September 29, 2008

Bluetooth Pairing - Lose the PIN dude!

apple bluetooth headsetHow many of you find it cumbersome to pair your bluetooth headset with your cellphone or other handheld gadget - just because of that PIN that you need to type. It gets especially difficult if you have big (aka fat) fingers and the keys are tiny! Well not to worry anymore... A recent patent filing by Apple might just be able to solve this problem once and for all.

This all new patent filing from Apple proposes a form of automatic pairing which is distance based. For example, if you brought your bluetooth headset to about 1 foot near your device, then there is automatic pairing between the bluetooth headset and your handheld device. Once the headset goes out of range, then there is no more pairing. This will ensure that there is no "rogue" bluetooth devices around which are ever willing to transmit some garbage to your cellphone.

proximity patent by apple

Altough the intention is ease of use, do you think this will work?


Tame Your Technology said...

While I know that some people have trouble pairing their bluetooth decides this looks a little risky to me. If it si distance-based then there is still a chance of bluejacking phones - which can lead to all sorts of nightmares. Personally I'll keep the old way, thanks!