Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A big "Thank You" to all my readers!

Today I have reached 2000 page hits on my blog New Gadgets Guru. This really feels good as it was one of my goals to achieve when I first started this blog. Technology and Gadgets have always been my passion and I wanted to share it with the rest of the blogosphere and this is just my first baby step. I assure you that there is much more to come.

When I first started blogging, I was using a very simple template on blogger and I hardly knew any HTML. I never had the chance to learn any HTML and it was difficult at first. Slowly, thanks to other bloggers in the blogosphere I managed to learn a few tricks and started tweaking my template. I also decided to hire a freelancer to design my header and that helped as well.

In my effort to get more readers, I launched my first ever competition (which by the way is still open until end of September). I managed to grow my RSS base from practically nothing to more than 30 readers now. Most of my readers have actively participated in the comments portion and I would love to get as much inputs as possible from you.

So what are my next goals? My immediate goal is to grow my RSS subscriber base to at least 50 readers by the end of September. So if you are reading this and have not subscribed to my feed, please do so using the subscription form on the right side bar on this page.

I have used many different ways to get traffic to my blog - commenting on related blogs, using social bookmarking sites such as Digg and I have even published an article on articlezine which by the way earned me an "expert author" status. In terms of traffic my next goal is to get 5000 hits from now until the end of October '08. I hope I can achieve this with the help of my readers. A big "Thank You" to all my readers once again and I hope you will support me in this journey!

One last note before I sign off - I am running a poll on my blog (you can find it on the top right corner) to gather inputs on what I can do to improve my blog. I encourage you to vote on the poll for the betterment of New Gadgets Guru. If you would like to leave any further comments, you could also leave your comments here. Constructive criticism is welcome!

- Raj


B.M. Garrett said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal! Hope to see you reach your next one.

Tame Your Technology said...

Yes, congratulations. I've filled in your survey - the main issue as I see it is the page loads so slowly (and it's on Blogger!) - sort that out and you may well be onto a winner :-)

BM said...

lol! There's another BM? woah...

Anyway, you always update your blog so I'm always here to leave a comment or two.

Just keep those posts coming, and I will comeback here everyday :)

Raj said...

Thanks a lot for the comments. This will certainly help me improve my blog.