Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nintendo DS targets self conscious teenage girls

Nintendo DS game screen shot
Surprise Surprise... The Japs have done it again! This time they've made sure that pretty much every girl is going to end up checking with her Nintendo DS almost like a magic mirror on the wall. I guess fairy tales do come true.

Not like there was need for more pressure in the super competitive Japanese society. Nintendo DS has come up with a game which uses a camera to scan a person's face and offer make up tips. The software algorithm apparently judges the person as "cool", "active", "cute" or "feminine". Luckily there's no option for "ugly".

The game provides suggestions on what kind of make up to be applied based on the scanning algorithm. Guys, please keep your hands off this game yeah... (although I have my doubts on this one).

Will they live happily ever after? Got something to say about it?

[Via Crave]