Friday, August 8, 2008

Mobile broadband modem to WLAN

Recently many telco operators have ventured into the mobile broadband business utilizing their 3G and 3.5G licenses. Although this is a neat technology I have always wondered whether I would need a separate VigSys USB mobile broadband modem to Wifi and WLAN converter routermodem for each of my laptops and PCs at home. This new gadget from VigSys solves this problem.

VigSys has recently announced a wireless docking gateway (model VD30) which is able to function as a WLAN router for your mobile broadband modem. All you need to do is to dock the mobile broadband modem into the wireless docking gateway and it functions as a normal WiFi router. The supported USB modems are as follows:
- Huawei E220 HSDPA USB Modem
- Huawei E270 HSxPA USB Modem
- VigSys VM10 HSDPA USB Modem
- Nuton NT36D HSDPA USB Modem

It converts single user USB modem into a multiple users ready WiFi Router. Reducing the cost for broadband connection.

Neat gadget I must say. Time to get rid of my fixed line.

[Via VigSys]