Saturday, August 30, 2008

8 must have gadgets for back to school season

It's back to school season already? Hmmm... yeah and you guys need to get your gadgets ready for school right? Don't know where to start? Read these essential tips outlined here to know which gadgets are important for you. You also have the option of buying them right here - through Amazon.

1. Scientific Calculator

You don't really need a top end scientific calculator, but you still need a decent one to get through your math exam. Personally, I find the Casio FX-300MS to be a nice value for money scientific calculator. Every student from 5th grade on can use the help of a scientific calculator for school and home assignments. Casio FX300ms is a powerful, compact calculator that's geared to provide function and use through high school and college. If you need something that's a bit more high end, then choose the Casio FX-115ES scientific calculator. It is an advanced scientific calculator with a 2-line natural textbook display.

2. Music Player

What will you do without a music player? This is the only gadget which is going to help you preserve your sanity while still not distracting you from your studies. You can listen to your favorite tunes during those late night studying periods, in quiet libraries or while you're just walking down the hallway. I'd suggest the Apple ipods. Undoubtedly the best in the industry. If you want to win a free ipod shuffle, you could always enter the contest on this blog.

3. Cell Phone

You definitely want to keep in touch with your friends and family right? Well then you need to get a cellphone for yourself. Not everyone is as internet savvy as you and not everyone can be online all the time. Get a cheap cell phone with a good plan. You might want to consider your plan based on whether you are a text message person or not as well.

4. Laptop

This is a must-have! Gone are the days where you would carry a desktop from home to school. You should do some research and get a nice affordable laptop for yourself. After all, prices have gone down and my personal recommendation for a laptop for school would be the Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop. It's got good features and is a sub $1000 laptop which would suit your needs nicely.

5. Pen Drive

Pen drives offer absurd data storage at very affordable prices these days. You will definitely need one of these to transfer presentation files, lecture notes and other study material. You might want to get a couple of these as they are easily lost or worse - stolen! My personal recommendation is to go for Kingston pen drives. Get a 2GB or 4GB model.

6. Book Scanner

Having a book scanner can save you so much money in photocopying costs over the course of a year. Open up a book, start scanning the text, it’ll get stored in the flash memory on the device, where you can plug it into your computer and read again. A brilliant invention for note taking, research, or even copyright infringement if necessary. Those who wish the library would stay open for a few more hours, you’ll need one of these.

7. Dictaphone

You should invest in a Dictaphone if you would like to record your lectures and listen to it at a later time. This is really great if the lectures are overwhelming and you would need to listen to every tiny bit of detail.

8. Nintendo Wii

Ahh time to wind down. After a hectic day at school and all that studying, you might want to chill out with your mates. Choose none other than the Nintendo Wii. Not only will you have a blast playing your favorite multiplayer games, you're also getting exercise. Now that's what I call true gaming!

Well now what are you waiting for? Go and get these gadgets which are so essential for your back to school season. Click on the links above to get to the amazon store to buy them online. Have fun and good luck!



Tame Your Technology said...

Ah, but let's not also forget the PSP - gaming fun plus the ability to watch videos and TV shows you have downloaded. Perfect for the bus ride to and from school.

Raj said...

tyt, that's a good point. Yeah the PSP is a must have too!