Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About Newgadgetsguru

Newgadgetsguru.com was born out of a passion - a passion for gadgets! Being an Engineer by profession, I have always been fascinated by the magical world of gadgets and technology. As I was looking for ways to extend my knowledge and passion, I came upon the wonderful world of blogging. I have always been fond of writing and I thought that this would be the best avenue for my passion. Hence, Newgadgetsguru.com was born on a warm afternoon of July '08. The name was suggested by a close friend of mine after I presented a list of blog names to him. It was a slow start in the beginning and as I toiled hard every day after my regular working hours in the office, I soon found that I was getting the results I want - good loyal readers! I hope that this blog will be able to infuse refreshing flavors into the gadget world through my eyes and keyboard. Hope you will enjoy reading this blog and be a loyal reader. Enjoy!